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MONDAY 18 MAY, 2009

Move Complete, now the Fun Begins

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Moving one's home and business are much easier in concept that in reality. As I look around my spacious new digs, I am surrounded by boxes. But at least those boxes are more or less in the right location. The espresso machine is fully functional, I reassembled my main computer, and am almost caught up on electronic correspondence. Tomorrow afternoon, the workshop will begin to go back into service. And it's my intention that we'll be caught up on shipping by Thursday at the latest. For those who have placed orders recently, my double thanks--both for the order and for your patience. It shall soon be rewarded. Moreover, I will be putting up more workshop tours in a new format, including Lars Ivarsson and Bo Nordh. Additional pipes will be posted, including a magnificent 1924 Dunhill Magnum, and a stunning Sven Knudsen Swan from the early '60's with original box and sleeve. Stay tuned.

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