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I have found myself curiously resistant to "blogging" and "tweeting," in part because it's not clear to me what precisely is newsworthy in an estate pipe website. That said, I have been pleased to become a dealer for a very expert German pipe maker, Uwe Jopp, who hales from the great city of Dresden in the former East Germany. I suggest you voyage over to that section of the website (Under German pipes, of course) and examine his handiwork. I have written a rather long introductory essay which describes his virtues as I observe them. For those who prefer older pipes, I have a nice variety of vintage British and what I call "classic Danish" pipes from the '60's. Especially noteworthy are some very high grade pieces from the great Sven Knudsen, acquired from a Swiss collector of impeccable taste. There are many pieces awaiting restoration, so if you do not see precisely what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to inquire. Over and out.

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