Genod Pre -War Pipe Collection

While at the Chicago Pipe Show this year, I had the good fortune to acquire a series of pipes form Jacques Crain, current owner of Genod Pipes in St. Claude, France. Jacques is a master pipe maker in his own right. but he had brought to the show a series of unsmoked pipes that had been made by his grandfather, the original M. Genod, before the second world war. These fall into two categories: a group of stunning "swan's neck" bent billiards, made from very old Algerian briar, and resembling the old Dunhill LC shape. In fact, it is entirely possible that Dunhill acquired the bowls for the LC from this factory, which often supplied them with bowls beginning in the 'teens, and continuing through the 1980's. These pipes are distinguished by having a curved airhole through the shank, a painstaking process that only one man in St. Claude had mastered. The second set consist of even older pipes, made by M. Genod before the First World War, in some rather unusual old-fashioned shapes. As you will see, these may have been the inspiration for the famous Sven Knudsen "Walrus" pipe design, later popularized by Larsen. This is a rare opportunity to acquire some marvelous, well made pipes at extremely reasonable prices. They are all made from air-cured Algerian briar, and while factory made (just as Dunhills are), they are of extremely high quality.

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