Becker Pipes

Fritz Becker was an Austrian Jewish refugee who escaped from Vienna in the '30's, worked for British intelligence, and finally settled in Rome after the war. A painter and sculptor as well as a linguist, he had no particular training in pipe making, but was extremely skilled with his hands, and insightful about engineering and design. As a result, like the greatest pipe makers have always done, he reinvented pipe making to his own taste. Along with Franco Coppo of Castello, he participated in the renaissance of the hand made Italian pipe in the post-War period. He used the finest Calabrian briar, and made beautiful mouthpieces from acrylic rod stock. One of his specialities was a rusticated finish resembling the Castello "Sea Rock" that was an especially cool and dry smoker. I regard Fritz Becker as one of the greatest carvers of the last century. He always worked closely with his son Franco, and most Becker pipes were made by both father and son. Following his father's death, Paolo has carried forward the tradition of quality and innovation begun by his father.

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