Peter Heding Pipes

Peter Heding was so taken with pipes that he began carving them on his kitchen table with a knife. When he could not proceed any further, he came to Tom Eltang's workshop in Denmark to learn how to make stems. After being coached by Tom for two years, he has now quit is job as a physician and diabetes researcher in order to make pipes full time. Much to the delight of his wife, he now has a real workshop and she can reclaim her kitchen and banish the wood chips once and for all. I find that Peter has a remarkable design sensibility, wihch is highly original yet pays homage to the great Danish carvers in whose footsteps he treads. He his work shows a great sense of balance, and a remarkable attention detail. I think he is one of the rising stars of the pipe universe. If he does this well after so short a time of making pipes, imagine what he will do with some more experience under his belt.

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