Teddy Knudsen Horn for Larsen SG7
Teddy Knudsen Horn for Larsen SG7 Teddy Knudsen Horn for Larsen SG7

Teddy Knudsen Horn for Larsen SG7

Price: $875.00

One could rightly describe Teddy Knudsen as the master of the Danish bent Dublin shape--which is not to say that he isn't master of many other shapes from classical to cutting edge. But here, in this early "Larsen Copenhagen" example, Teddy has rendered the classic shape as a horn, with a smooth transition from the generous bowl to the tapered shank. He has fitted one of his astonishing quasi-saddle bits with a turned horn ornament that gives the illusion that the ornament is connect to the bit in military mount style; but in fact, the ornament is integral to the bit itself, and this bit assembly connects to the shank with a long conventional tenon that extends to the bottom of the mortise, properly chamfered (or "funneled") for correct aerodynamics. We also note one of Teddy's signature design elements: the multi-faceted rim, which lends grace and dynamism to the overall shape, and always reminds me of a flower.

The pipe is cut from the Corsican briar imported by Teddy's elder brother Sven, now no longer available, as the mill from which it came has unfortunately closed. Corsican briar strikes a nice balance between grain quality and wood density, and many regard it as second only to Algerian briar in its smoking characteristics. But there is no denying the remarkable straight grain coverage and attractive ruddy coloration on this piece; indeed, I believe this pipe could equally well have been graded as a Pearl. Ole Larsen paid his artisanal carvers in proportion to the grade that he himself assigned, and was notoriously "conservative" in this regard.

Teddy's pipes have become essentially unavailable on the retail market, since the majority of his production is committed to wealthy overseas buyers even before the pipes are carved. So to find such a fine example of his work, in first rate condition such as this one, is a happy eventuality. It comes complete with box and leather sleeve.