Andreas Bauer Unsmoked

From a collection in South America come five Andreas Bauer pipes, first sold in 1960. Bauer was arguably the greatest of the post-War Viennese makers, inheritors of a pipe making tradition in Austria that began at the turn of the last century. Their pipes were cut from the highest grade of meerschaum block, which at that time could still be exported from Turkey in raw form. Their quality of execution was impeccable.  made their own custom cases, lined in satin and velvet, and covered in leather.

The highest grade Bauers were fitted with real amber stems, and affixed with reliable teflon tenons. These are far superior to the traditional bone tenon, as they are stronger, never lose registration, and their drilling is sufficient to assure proper airflow.

Each of these five pipes is of this highest grade, and each is in perfect, unsmoked condition. Needless to say, these rarely come on the market, and represent a remarkable opportunity to experience the virtues of meerschaum at its best.

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