German and Austrian

Germany has more pipe smokers per capita than any country besides Denmark. There is a long pipe making tradition there as well. Before World War II, Austria, and Vienna in particular, was home to meerschaum pipe makers who skill was unequalled, then or since. Little of that tradition survived, but for the pipes of Bauer and Strambach, both of whom are best known for their calabashes. In the post-War period, Karl Joura and the late, lamented Rainer Barbi developed their own distinctive styles, There is a younger generation starting to make its mark as well, among whom are the extremely talented Uwe Jopp, whose pipes I shall be carrying on a regular basis. Austria too has seen a resurgence, with the very experienced Peter Matzhold making significant inroads in the high end market, and his young friend David Wagner doing considerable custom work and introducing some excellent new designs of his own.