Paragon™ Wax for the Pipe

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Dear Customers: Despite rapidly rising materials cost, we've held the line on price for seven years. Sadly, we're now compelled to increase the price both here and on eBay. The good news is that so little is required to shine a pipe that it remains extremely economical.

Announcing Paragon Wax™, the next generation polishing product from the Fine Pipes International. Paragon is designed to be applied and polished by hand. A special blend of microcrystalline and natural waxes, it has a melting point that is 35% higher than carnauba, and is 30% harder. As a result, it gives a brilliant, long lasting shine that is highly resistant to finger prints, acid and moisture, and inhibits oxidation. Paragon is designed for use on smooth pipes and stems, as well as silver, gold, bone and other smooth materials. However, it is so hard we do not recommend it for sandblasted or rusticated bowls. For these, Halcyon II™ remains the product of choice.

Paragon was designed to respond to the feedback we received from customers who tried Halcyon and Halcyon II. These customers reported that while Halcyon gave a great finish on pipes and stems, carnauba applied with a buffing wheel provided a harder, longer lasting shine on smooth pipes. We began to investigate the chemistry of these waxes and soon realized why: carnauba is almost 9% harder than the waxes we were using in Halcyon II. Moreover, it is very viscous, so when applied on the wheel, it tends to fill in the tiny scratches and surface irregularities inevitably found on smooth surfaces, even after careful sanding and Tripoli buffing. Carnauba actually melts onto the surface of the wood when applied with a wheel, and forms a smooth, shiny surface.

So we resolved to compound a new blend, one that could be applied and polished by hand like Halcyon and had great temperature resistance, but provided a shine that was more brilliant and longer lasting than carnauba. We first discovered a "super" microcrystalline wax that was five times harder than carnauba, and had a melting point that was 100% higher. We blended this with the "conventional" microcrystalline waxes we had discovered for Halcyon II in various proportions, and using an entire array of solvents, including those based on citrus, soy esters, and a variety of mineral spirits. Finally, we discovered that the secret was to add a small amount of very high grade carnauba. Not only did this help bind together the ingredients, but it gave an extra measure of shine and a very pleasant aroma.

So we arrived at the current formulation, which we call "Paragon Wax." Its melting point is 228 degree F., 36% higher than carnauba alone and 11% higher even than Halcyon II. Thus it is highly resistant to heat. It forms a thin, flexible yet tough coating on the surface of the wood, a coating that is just under 30% harder than carnauba. Thus it resists abrasion from handling, repels moisture, and is far more effective in preventing oxidation, especially important for stems. It gives a deep, rich shine that is equal or superior to carnauba without a buffing wheel. It can be used on any smooth surface, including marble, steel, silver, ivory, meerschaum, glass, plastic, etc. However, because of its unusual hardness, it is not appropriate for leather or other textured materials, nor for sandblasted or rusticated pipes. For these, we continue to recommend Halcyon II.

Paragon is quite thick at room temperature, and should be applied with a soft cloth in small quantities. Shortly after application (30 seconds to 1 minute, depending upon thickness) it will form a haze over the surface. At that point, it should be polished with a soft, lint free cloth (a microfiber polishing cloth is ideal) to bring out a brilliant shine. Additional applications improve the shine and provide greater protection. A clean buffing wheel turning at slow speeds may be used as well, as long as it has not been used for any other wax, and is followed by hand polishing with a cloth.

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